Covid Protocols at Chelsea

Clinic Patients

One support person may accompany a child under the age of 18 years. No other support people may accompany a patient unless prior arrangement has been made.

On arrival at Chelsea Hospital we ask you remain in your vehicle and contact admin on 06 867 2237 for further instructions.

We may ask you to remain in your vehicle until you are called in to enable minimal numbers of people in our waiting area.

Surgical Patients

One support person allowed. That person must be able to show a vaccine passport and will be your designated support person during your stay with us. They will be the only person able to visit you.

They can remain with you while we prepare you for surgery and then following your surgery please let them know that visiting hours are strictly 3 – 8pm if you are staying overnight or longer.

For day stay procedure patients please advise your designated support person.

Your support person must remain outside in their vehicle when coming to collect you.

Workplace Visitors

NO Vaccine Pass – No Entry
All workplace visitors should have their vaccine passport available to be scanned and verified by our admin team. If a regular visitor you will only need your vaccine pass scanned once. 

Everyone coming to Chelsea is required to scan in using the Tracer App or complete paper equivalent.

Your must be wearing an approved face covering.

Remain physically distanced from others where possible during your stay, practice good hand hygiene and cough etiquette.